Affogato £6

Finest vanilla bean ice-cream served with a shot of Lavazza espresso

Chocolate and Caramel Torte £8

Orange purée, caramel and orange ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £7

Served with vanilla ice cream

Daily Cheesecake £7

Ask your server for more information

Pineapple carpaccio (GF) £7

Mint sugar syrup, pineapple parfait and coconut sorbet

Crème Brûlée £7

Fresh raspberries and shortbread

Choice of Ice Cream and Sorbets (GF) £5

Please ask your server for available flavours

Selection of Cheeses £10

Crackers and spiced pear chutney

Dark Chocolate Truffles (4) (GF) £4


Americano £2.75 

Cappuccino £2.75 

Latte £2.75 

Espresso £2.00 

Double Espresso £2.50 

Selection of Teas £2.25 

Liqueur Coffee £6.50 

(Irish, Calypso, Italian, Brandy, Baileys) 


Taylors Late Vintage £3.50 

Espresso Martini £9.50 

Baileys £5.00 

Whisky From £3.00 

Brandy From £3.00 

Dessert Wine 50ml £4.50/ Bottle £35.50 

Pernod 25ml £2.50/ 50ml £4.50

Drambuie 25ml £3.00 / 50ml £5.50

Gran Marnier 25ml £3.00 / 50ml £5.50

Kahlua 25ml £3.00 / 50ml £5.50 

Sambuca 50ml £5.00 

Lower Street Brasserie Limoncello 50ml £5.00 

A 10% discretionary service charge will be added to tables of 5 or more people 

If you have a food allergy, intolerance or sensitivity please speak to your server about the ingredients of your order